Clearwater Beach's New Sandpearl Resort Prides Itself on being Environmentally Friendly

CLEARWATER BEACH, FL (September 18, 2007) –The distinctive Sandpearl Resort, already recognized by those in the industry for its unique guest experience design, has from its conception been committed to developing an eco-friendly and environmentally sound resort on Clearwater Beach. As a way of achieving this goal, the Sandpearl Resort is designed to meet LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification requirements.

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED® is a national standard for developing buildings that are environmentally responsible. LEED® certified structures are built using a stringent framework that strives toward many environmental and economic benefits including improving energy efficiency, improvement of air and water quality, reduction of solid waste, conservation of natural resources, reduction of operational costs, improved employee productivity and reducing strain on the local infrastructure.

JMC Communities, the resort’s developer and owner, is resolute in following the specific LEED® certification requirements, which include elements that preserve the beauty of Clearwater Beach so that it can be shared with generations to come.

Environmental elements being incorporated, despite much higher expenses, include:

  • Geothermal system throughout the entire hotel, allowing for natural interaction between the sun and earth to heat the pool and spas, which saves a significant amount of energy and provides an ideal pool-side experience.
  • Cool Water Chiller System, as opposed to the typical through-the-wall ventilation units, which provides improved conditions for guests with a higher quality of indoor air.
  • Room-by-room Energy Management System that regulates temperatures based on occupancy and sold status, meaning that room temperatures will be at an agreeable level upon arrival and during your stay, but a room that is not occupied will not be cooled to as low of a temperature. In addition, system cut-offs have been installed on the sliding glass doors to eliminate extra cooling while guests are enjoying a fresh Florida breeze from the lanai.
  • Window glazing that is double-paned, laminated, and low-e coated resulting in sound transmission reduction, pressure and impact resistance, a high level of UV protection, and superior insulating value.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality that requires a totally non-smoking facility, as well as an air quality management plan during entire construction that requires the use of materials that specifically selected for their lower chemical contents.
  • Recycling over 50% of waste from the construction site, including many tons of wood, metals, concrete, gypsum and plastics that could then be reintroduced into the manufacturing stream, therefore minimizing the need for virgin materials and diminishing the amount of materials that were simply thrown away.
  • Ozone laundry system, which reduces water consumption by requiring less water to clean through fewer cycles.
  • All of the resort’s parking is housed beneath the structure, which keeps more of Florida’s coastline open for appreciation and enjoyment. In addition, less surface area covered by asphalt means less heat created at ground level, keeping the natural environment natural and reducing urban heat islands. This covered parking is also more enjoyable for guests, who won’t have to get into a steaming hot car after a long day in the sun.
  • Preferred parking spaces designated for low-emission vehicles, such as hybrid electric cars, which encourages the use of more efficient automobile technologies capable of reducing fossil fuel demand and tailpipe emissions.
  • An advanced technology irrigation system which will provide plant species with the necessary amount of water while soil moisture sensors communicate with a central computer indicating when the system can be turned off.
  • Green Building education enrichment program available for all guests with signage throughout the resort to highlight the energy and environment-conscious measures utilized. Plus, a case study has been developed to further explore and share the technologies and strategies implemented to make Sandpearl “green”.

The Sandpearl Resort, opening late summer 2007, will be the first new beachfront resort in Clearwater Beach in over 25 years. Situated along a 700-foot expanse of pristine Gulf Coast beach, Sandpearl will feature 253 luxurious guest rooms, a lagoon-style beachfront pool with private cabanas, full-service spa, unique lifestyle enrichment programs, fine & casual dining, plus meeting & event space.

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